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"Beaulard Camping", located at the Alps mountain foot, in the upper Susa Valley, from 2012 is managed by Orsa s.r.l. .: a company founded by the will of a determined group of campers

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The Orsa Srl was founded in january 2012 by a group of old campers, which strengthened in their knowledge of the campsite as users, have outlined the guidelines of the camp management focusing attention on the needs of campers with the aim of improving services and make campers fully enjoy the colors and scents of the beautiful pine forest where the camp is located to which is the crown the beautiful scenery of the mountains and Grand'Hoche Guglia of Arbour.


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A land full of surprises



the camp was considered adventurous and laborious...today the


essence of modern and welcoming campsite is a


"den" immersed in green in contact with the colors and scents of nature.